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Huniepop download latest version (v11.5)

Huniepop app is a dating simulation and puzzle game. you just need to solve puzzles…

Huniepop app is a dating simulation and puzzle game. you just need to solve puzzles and earn money and just impress your date .this is an amazing game to play.

About Huniepop

Huniepop is an interesting game for everyone. dating is a part of life if you are interested in dating just install the game and play the amazing game.

The characters are chosen based on your requirement. But you have to be very careful about choosing your partner through this app because this app has no rollback options. you can play as both female and male characters. You can play 4 different story simulations in this game. Each with a different gender. To resume your game, you have save that in  Save data. you will notice the money, diamond, and passion percentage in the data of all stories.

How to play

there are different characters in hunie app. you have to choose the character and you can talk to them with different answer questions. Your answers decide the outcome of the date and conversation in this game.

in hunie App you can play as both male and female characters. You can play up to 4 different stories. In an account and save them from resuming from the same exact part where you had left the game. If you don’t have any date in the game, then you can visit any club and ask a girl out to make her your date. Buying gifts for your date makes this game easy. The visuals and voices of the characters are creative and cute, which keeps you interested in this game.

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The Answer question session is very different from other similar apps. It is because Hunieapp has introduced complete privacy between you and your partner’s discussions.

The Huniepop APK is versatile because it provides you with a dating partner without any hassle.


  • amazing graphics
  • different interesting characters
  • High-quality videos
  • interesting puzzles
  • answer question conversation


huniepop app is an interesting game because it is one of the unique app for date-loving people.If you want to enjoy your date on your android just download the huniepop apk game .it is simple to download just click the download button .and the link is given below.